Memorable Funerals

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Events that are associated with a lot of emotion are usually well-remembered by attendees. And there are few events that are as emotional as funerals. So we tend to remember most things that happen at funerals. Some funerals are particularly memorable however. Although I grew up around a funeral home, the first funeral I remember […]

Hospice; What’s to be afraid of?

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When patients and their families hear a recommendation from their physician for hospice they often decline and don’t allow hospice to become involved. In doing so, they are missing out on care and services that could be very helpful. The term “hospice” invokes fear in many patients and their families. They believe that, when a […]

The Cost of Funerals

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One of the most frequent questions that I, as a funeral director, am asked is “Why do funerals cost so much?” A tangible response is that funeral homes have a lot of overhead.  Facilities require upkeep and sometimes renovations and improvements.  Large, expensive vehicles such as funeral coaches, limousines and utility vehicles require maintenance and […]

Grief Support

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Moore’s has a very active aftercare program.  The term aftercare pertains to grief support. The systematic study of grief and its treatment began when survivors and family members of Boston’s Cocoanut Grove Nightclub fire of 1942 were interviewed and followed.  The study of grief was further advanced by Elizabeth Kubler Ross who, in her book […]

Funerals-The Value of Ceremony

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  The term “funeral” is defined as a ceremony held in connection with the burial or cremation of the deceased. Funerals have been recorded in pictures and words for thousands of years. Some say that, in the 21st century, funerals are changing. But it seems evident that, since they’ve been described since the beginning of […]

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