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Joe Pat.110113Moore’s has a very active aftercare program.  The term aftercare pertains to grief support.

The systematic study of grief and its treatment began when survivors and family members of Boston’s Cocoanut Grove Nightclub fire of 1942 were interviewed and followed.  The study of grief was further advanced by Elizabeth Kubler Ross who, in her book “On Death and Dying” published in 1969, described the classic five stages of grief, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Grief, when suppressed and not confronted and dealt with, can lead to a variety of mental and stress-related physical illnesses.  So we need to confront and deal with our grief after a loss.  Grief is easier to bear when shared with family and friends than when borne in solitude.  Rather than withdraw and isolate ourselves, we should talk about our feelings with family and friends, accept condolences, and even shed some tears if we need to.  Remembering, honoring, and celebrating a life with a funeral is a good way to provide some closure and to help friends and family take the first steps toward grief recovery.   Moore’s also offers weekly grief support groups for anyone experiencing grief that would like to attend.  We have extensive on-line resources at our website  For more information about our grief support services, and other services we provide, we invite you to like and follow our Moore Funeral Home facebook page.

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